Benarus Moray 42mm
Suppa Parts Suppa Parts

Suppaparts adapters are used to replace your original rubber strap on the Eco and Auto-Zilla dive watch. This allows you to attach a variety of 24mm straps to your watch including leather, zulu or nato, or more flexible rubber straps. The Suppaparts adapters are made of titanium. The brushed finish will match the finish on your steel zilla and the titanium keeps the weight down on an already heavy dive watch. For the titanium watches we can sand blast the titanium adapters to match the matte finish. The sand blasting is done per order from our office in the U.S.A. To install the Suppaparts adapters, you simply remove the 4 screws on the back of the watch, remove the retaining ring, remove the rubber strap, drop in the adapters, re-install the ring and screws. The case back is never opened when you perform this install.